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Where students learn.
Faster. Better. Happier.

Exomz helps students from university students study, prepare for tests, and pass courses from start to finish.

All-in-one solution for
your university success

Get access to our online learning platform and receive weekly super lessons with all the help you need to understand your course to a level that ensures exam success.

  • Parallel course

    Get lessons that follow your university course schedule. Study more efficiently from start to finish of the semester.

  • Crash course

    Learn more – faster. Our Super Courses help you study fast. Enjoy the free time to do the things that matter to you.

  • Exam Preparation

    Get a Super Course before your test or exam. Prepare efficiently, polish up on the course material, and pass your exams.

  • Private Tutoring

    Have your Exomz course instructor personally help you during one-on-one sessions. *Additional fee applies

Why we created Exomz

University life is hard

We know how stressful, expensive, and challenging education can be.
We’ve been there. So we decided to change that. Once and for all.

  • Tests and exams are stressful

    Preparing for multiple midterms and exams can get unbearably stressful, especially when you are taking extra courses.

  • Failing a course is expensive

    Not everyone gets the grade they want or passes on the first try. Retaking a course at universities is very pricey.

  • Little to none personal life

    There is never enough time in a day. Juggling school, friendships, hobbies, and work is never easy at school. Sometimes even impossible.

  • Lack of exam training

    Knowing the material and scoring high are two different things. Taking tests and exams at universities requires special training.

Better grades.
Less stress.
More time.
That’s Exomz.

Exomz is your ultimate university help. We create online courses that follow your exact university course schedule, assignments, tests, and exams.

So you can focus on the things that matter to you.

Weekly Updates

Exomz Super Course updates on a weekly basis, they are complete, easy to understand, and make your learning experience easier from start to finish.

Weekly recap videos

A comprehensive review of the content and topics covered in your course lecture.

Valuable tools and resources

A list of top-notch external tools and resources like videos, articles, tutorials, and much more.

Exam-like practice

Exam-like practice questions that make it easy to prepare for tests, midterms, and exams.

Course Q&A and discord community

Ask questions and discuss topics with your instructor and fellow students. Stay connected, help each other, score higher, and grow friendships.

A+ students and TAs
at your service

We carefully select the best instructors to teach your course. Exomz is a team of A+ alumni students and TAs who know your course inside and out.

Exomz is your helping hand in exam prep and better education.

– Lisa, Science Student at UTM

Get an A+ or just
pass your course.

Easier. Faster. Happier.

We created Exomz for every type of student. Whether you feel unprepared, want to polish up on the course material, or extensively prepared, our Super Courses will help you feel confident.

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    100% Happiness Guarantee

    The Exomz Student Happiness Team is your go-to when you need help, a recommendation, a refund, or just a reason to smile. Seriously, reach out. Even to say hello.

    Talk to us

    Got questions?
    We got answers

    Do you offer one-on-one tutoring?
    We are working on it! Any super course will include a 30 minutes one-to-one private tutoring session with the course instructor, and you can purchase extra hours at any time!
    Do you only offer courses online?
    Yes, we only offer courses online. It lets our students learn from anywhere they want, when they want and how they want.
    What is a parallel course?
    A parallel course corresponds to your university course. It follows the lessons, assignments, and questions from your current university course. All online. Always available at your fingertips.
    What is a crash course?
    Our crash courses include all the crucial information without unnecessary details. It’s everything you need to know to understand and pass your course with a good grade.
    What is exam preparation?

    Exam preparation is a unique type of training. It doesn’t only help you to understand the course materials but also prepares you for tests and exams.

    Think of it as a driving school. We don’t only teach you how to drive, but also how to pass the test. We teach you what the tests are going to look like, what’s important to know, and how to do it well.

    How do I sign up?
    You can sign up on our website by registering for the course or by emailing us at Please, include the course name and the school in the subject line.
    Will using Exomz get me in trouble?

    No. Using Exomz Super Courses doesn’t count as academic misconduct. Think of it as an online study help and a tutoring group. Our courses are designed to help you understand the class materials and to prepare you for the exam.

    We don’t give you the actual exam solutions or complete assignments for you.

    Do you encourage students to skip class?
    Nope, we don’t. Even though we create complete courses that often can substitute your lectures, they are considered as “supplementary” materials. Don’t skip, listen in class. Exomz will help with the rest;).
    Can you guarantee that I’ll get a good grade?
    We provide you with all the tools you need to study and prepare for the exams. It’s up to you to use it. If you carefully go through each lesson and complete practice questions, we have no doubts about your success.
    Can I buy the course after it starts?
    Yes, you can buy a course whenever you want; before or after midterms and right before finals. We always recommend studying as the course goes, so you don’t get too much behind and get stressed.
    Do I get lifetime access?
    No, we do not offer lifetime access to our courses. Your access will be removed a week or so after your final exam.
    Do you provide refunds?

    We are very confident in the courses we create, but if you realize that Exomz is not helping, it’s not what you expected or just unhappy with it, we will refund the full amount to any registered student within 30 days from your course start. No questions asked.

    To request a refund email

    Can’t find an answer to your question?

    Ask a question