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Liquid gold in
a coffee cup.

Organic, fresh, handcrafted coffee and freshly baked
pastry for coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

We strive to make the best coffee in Toronto

Goldstruck was founded by coffee lovers with a goal to show the people of Toronto what high-quality coffee tastes like.

Our talented baristas handcraft every cup of coffee using high-quality beans and the most innovative coffee machines. Every beverage we prepare has a unique recipe and touch.

We are recognized as one of the Best Coffee Shops by blogTO.


Why people love GoldStruck

Always organic.

Our coffee beans are carefully selected from small farms and cooperatives. They are BIRD FRIENDLY, ECOCERT® and FAIRTRADE CERTIFIED®.

Always fresh.

Our master roasters prepare coffee beans on a daily basis, and we store the beans for no more than 72 hours.

Always Handcrafted.

Every signature drink is carefully handcrafted with our unique recipes. We grind the beans specifically for the exact preparation method. Whether it is a drip, pour over, or a special drink, it will be delicious. Every Time.

Freshly Baked Pastry.

We bake our pastries and cookies in-house multiple times per day. All it takes is to try it once to get absolutely addicted.

Local Guide Reviews

  • Vanilla Raf and Halva Latte are the best coffee drinks I’ve tried. Staff is super nice and friendly, they make you feel very welcomed every time. The design of this place is nice! You never see someone putting so much work and thought into a coffee shop.

    Bulat G.

  • Never thought I would enjoy a cup of coffee so much. After visiting Goldstruck I realized how much flavor a coffee can have. The place is wonderful. Thank you Kate and Natasha for coffee advice and helping me choose the right one for my home. You girls are so bright and nice.

    Mirra R.

  • This is a hidden gem in the heart of Yorkville. Awesome place with cozy atmosphere for little get togethers or some work. Their Vanilla Raf is the best coffee drink I’ve tasted in my entire life. This will definitely become my go-to place for coffee and work meetings with my business partner.

    Roman K.

    4.3 / 680 Reviews

    google reviews

    • Super cute place! I went a little later, around 7 on a weekday and there was barely anyone inside which was perfect for me to work on some things. It’s small, but it feels rather roomy. coffee was also delicious, and their tea is loose leaf!! Love!

      – Jessica W.
    • Beautiful décor with a calm atmosphere. A great place to relax and enjoy an excellent cup of coffee.

      – Mohamed P.
    • The Cayenne Latte is great (ask for extra spicy) and the setting is perfect for doing some work or meeting a friend.

      – Christopher J.
    • A hidden gem in the heart of Yorkville. Staff is very nice and friendly, cool warm atmosphere. Coffee is great 👍. Great place for little get together and some work/relax time.

      – Tamara C.
    • Nice coffee, great place, reasonable price, good location. Recommended 🙂

      – William N.
    • I’m not a coffee drinker but I really enjoyed their unique “Halva Latte”. It has a great atmosphere and a nice interior design. You will enjoy this place in th heart of yorkville.

      – Erwin L.
    • Excellent coffee plus amazing atmosphere and wonderful staff.

      – Konrad S.
    • Amazing coffee and atmosphere! Best Macchiato in Toronto.

      – Lena P.
    • A nice and cozy spot that offers as an alternative to sorry coffee. I only had the americano so I can’t speak to the more complicated drinks, but the americano was great, and the temperature was spot on, a detail some other places can overlook.

      – Hai H.

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